2009-06-28 Antakarana and the three Arco Iris de Mar del Plata – a clear signal, by Miryam Dietrich

On June 23, 2009, traveling from Valeria del Mar to Mar del Plata, with my girlfriend Rosana. I had a problem on my Blackberry: be locking the mouse button. And had to go to that city to settle in the Service.

For more than a year, the wallpaper of my Blackberry is the Virgin of Fatima. One day I received the picture in my emails and got there in my phone to see it forever.

Throughout this time I turned off my Blackberry and multiple times. Whenever she was like my wallpaper.

And worth remembering that more than a year ago, I bought a piece of land in the area ANTAKARANA located in QUEBRADA LUNA near Capilla del Monte Cordoba, where I spent many experiences – to tell on another occasion – but confirm that that site is definitely my place on earth.

Within my ANTAKARANA bit field is called ATHON and has been dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

To advance the magic of synchronicities, the natural guardian of the site is called Naomi – and a beautiful angel, and my middle name is Naomi.

This should add, that while the channels and I see beings of light since I was born, for those issues limiting beliefs, social conditioning, opinions known and understood by family members, did everything in private and I do not want to give known.

But since I started this site thanks to my beloved nephew Junior, everything started to develop at speed and vertigo ceased to be private to begin to be public.

And do not you think the crazy monkey in my mind I do not obstructed. I was “chuchito” start to mean so many things in public.

Lol! What nonsense! I realize now. See? I thought it was me and I forgot that they are working to be using my pass on their messages.

I also was counsel to structure a little bit of kicking with all that was and I am living.

I have a soul brother Jorge is known since 2000 that I met told me to publish what it received. In part, this site is also thanks to its presence in my life.

Well, back to that day he was going to Mar del Plata. There, at the time of the trip, I saw that the wallpaper had been changed. Now appeared a beautiful track in perspective, looking from the bottom up, in the middle of a meadow and a beautiful sky-blue as the bottom of my web I wonder. Rosana and I commented on this and showed him the phone to see it. And although I was particularly struck, he pays much attention.

Guauu! Not going to believe what you read.

When we leave the roundabout at Mar Chiquita – we see it in my car at the bottom of the road, the city of Mar del Plata. It was up there one day clean, beautiful, sunny, cold and very bright.

And suddenly, in seconds, half of the river plate was immersed in the mists of the darker-left-and half-to-right in the middle of a radiant sun.

We could not believe what I saw. And we had our cameras!

And as we mentioned this phenomenon, Rosana told me the whole issue of how to put rocks on the breakwater, the sea not to continue moving toward the mainland and the sea and refused again and again broke the rocks were placed in these sites.

We were both thinking about the actions of man against nature and all those things, and how it ignores what she says.

Rosana hit me that screams look at the sea. And when I do that from a site where they were placing rocks, where he had a pen – to lift those weights machine-a beautiful rainbow came to die in the river plate.

Rosana very excited that it had never seen the birth of a rainbow there as close to it. Well we still entering and traveling in the city. And again Rosana alerts me with their cries: he had a second rainbow that was born there, almost at the foot of the break again and died in Mar del Plata.

At this stage of events was very surprised myself.

But wait, do not imagine anything, and I kept reading.

We went to the service company in my Blackberry, which does not receive any solution after larguísisisisisisma a queue, exercise patience and meditate to avoid breaking our own harmony. We were sent to another location. We take very cold but we laughed. Rosana wanted to buy a notebook of this company and also gave us a thousand rounds – or rather the gave us – and we ended the fifteen hours that have been achieved without dìua fix the Blackberry without having bought the notebook.

We decided to go to lunch with Manolo, oceanfront. And he laughed saying that silver had been spent without achieving anything we wanted to do. My Blackberry was still locked – mandar messages or could not choose a real phone! Bodoque for me – and the two discussed the topic of the wallpaper that was still so bright that way.

In the company had shut down the BlackBerry and turned several times and followed the way there.

When arriving at the Manolo, we find Marita, a gnome who organizes workshops Necochea Angels and sightings with me for years.

Well, we entered the restaurant and everything we mentioned that we had passed without anything to happen.

This is everything we could not make rational but we saw things that surprised us.

In all this cold with a spectacular, Mar del Plata had sun all over again

And in this, ¡ZAS! Rosana super excited I was a third rainbow. And there was born in front of our noses above the sea, just a few meters from the breakwater.

Guauuuuuu! And Reguuuaaaaaauuuuu !!!!! THREE rainbows in one day.

We began to try to understand what was meant. Do not find us again Valeria del Mar.

The next morning, while watching my Blackberry – which had not turned off at any time since I handed in the phone company – there …. AGAIN WAS THE PICTURE OF FATIMA.

Almost down from behind. Rosana moment to call and both alleles and were excited.

Quite understand what happened to technology and lacked any rational explanation. Had not turned off the machine when the fund was changed to the path for herself and had not turned off the machine when I returned from the river plate and the bottom was again just change back to the Virgin.

And there, the button again Mousse function. Without having done anything.

They spent two days and I received an email which said something ANTAKARANA and rainbows. How was working with the workshops of Angels to Pinamar, not paying attention.

To date: Sunday June 28 at 10.43 AM.

Read as follows: The Antakarana or “Rainbow Bridge” as it is usually known, is the bond between two worlds as different as the world of the Spirit and the world of matter.
As always, a bridge has the function of uniting the two sides of the border, as these two sides need each other to complete and give meaning to their existence. Then the Antakarana is “Bridge” while allowing the connection, communication and transfer of matter to Spirit and the Spirit to the material filling any transcendent meaning to the Ser

This bridge is mostly meditative energy, pure and vibrant to a certain scale or tone.
This scale produces the manifestation of a certain level of experience and consciousness and is expressed in a particular color.
As the crystals decompose sunlight into the 7 colors of the rainbow, just as our being the crystal radiates a rainbow when the work of cleaning and polishing of this being at its peak.

The level of the vibrational frequency is going to give different shades of color in the rainbow that vary with the staff that every time through this and according to his ability to channel the Divine Light, among other things.


Conclusion: what I understand today is that the way to start is the right path for my life. Give the Angels Workshops and connect every human being with its own light and its own guides.

So the way to the screen.

I also know that she is my teacher and SUPERGUIA. MARIA me and us all, believe or not believe in it.

I beat the fear and I continue on this path.

ANTAKARANA in general and in particular ATHON is my place in the world.

And joining all now know with certainty that all of this by myself I am not what I care is not defined, helping all those that relate me to walk the bridge, the rainbow, the marriage between the land and sky.

For the Mayan calendar that I am walking in the sky resonant.

And when I do not know if you read, feel emotions. But I’m writing, viéndote through my site, in a wonderful state of pure love and peace.

Thanks for read and thanks for helping me to be

Valeria del Mar, June 28 from 2009-06-28

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