Retreat with angels in Capilla del Monte – July 2010 Videos

Dear human angel: love transforms everything. Love can do anything. LOVE that we spoke the Kobdas.

The same as Josefa Rosalia Luque Alvarez left his books printed in channeled.

And it is the selfless love of Fatima and her family, which allows you, in addition to reading this, you can watch videos of Experiential Retreat with Angels and Capilla del Monte in July 2010. And looking again, these three videos that came and went between Fatima and me, to try to transmit with the best grammar and the most loving energy of the sense in that game, I am filled with emotion remembering all lived.

How fragile is the human memory in relation to the good times!

This article raised him while out on my site, serving masons working one of the dreams of Denis and Daniel, so for now, and just for now, the park seems to Kosovo. And a little fairy named Coty sleeps in my bed, sharing from his nap naps Cordoba seven years of existence on earth, the love that we both have one by the other and I hope to get to you, my human angel, reading these lines.

In life and in the retreats of angels, sometimes we feel we are in the midst of the Kosovo war, yet love keeps blooming even in the midst of what we consider destruccción. Look, I share with you something of mine, well mine. One of my sons of this life, I was going to Grandma for the first time.

I was very happy and looking glass baby things, I softened that kid that came into my life. But after three months and days, a complication, a labor for my daughter in law and the baby went to the house of the Father.

Sadness and grief from the human, more from the spiritual “knew” that this baby was a boy and his name was Jhon (Juan).

And from the day she left the earth, I have a human angel cherub on the other side of the Veil, who cares for me. Why did I share this with you who read me? Because this is part of life. And death is part of life but most humans will not panic.

Sometimes you have to go through Kosovo to remember that love is always present. Always. And I thank THEY were and held me. And I thank John for having passed swiftly through my life. Now …. I am now the grandmother of a baby who is in heaven.

I love you John!

Dietrich Miryam