245 – MEGARETREAT with Angels on Easter Week 2012 in the Patagonia Argentina by Miryam Dietrich

“MEGARETREAT”with  Angels on Easter Week 2012  in the Patagonia Argentina  by  Miryam Dietrich.



Rueca de almas



Beloved human angel: It is allready a tradition that  for easter, all the visible and invisible beings of the Rueca de Almas, come to the cabins of Villa Pehuenia, in Costa Bonita, owned by Griselda and Claudio, at the heart of the Patagonia Argentina.

 Aluminé Lake - Villa Pehuenia - Patagonia Argentina, by Miryam Dietrich

Alumine lake, in Villa Pehuenia,Patagonia Argentina by Miryam Dietrich.

This year, be alert that the event, has a lot of importance; and this lies that we’re crossing 2012, the last easter week,  before the great awareness move the we all know, will happen by the end of the year.

One of the magical corners of Villa Pehuenia by Miryam Dietrich

And this preparation time in advance, its because a lot of little angels from Argentina and the foreign, have been asking me for the prices and the schedule of the activities.

I put the schedule in a separete link.

Arco Iris cascade, Villa Pehuenia by Miryam Dietrich


                       I hope you like it, and hopefully you can participate.

You never came??Mmmmm…….let me tell you…….Villa Pehuenia (Neuquen-Argentina) it’s for me the paradise in earth.

Do you want to know what Villa Pehuenia has in general, and Costa Bonita in particular?

First you have lakes, transparent lakes where you can see the bottom. Has snow-capped mountains. Birds. Typical tree species from the area. The Andes Moutains range in all its magnificence.

And streams and rivers……and incredible cascades.

You have to come to see it with your own eyes!, the beauty of this space  where nature still shines in all its splendor!!!!!!!!!!